Why Did I Get Married Final Poster

Why Did I Get Married Final Poster
(click for a large version)

So here we have the surprisingly romantic and surprisingly earnest poster for Why Did I Get Married. And you know what? I kind of love it.

You might remember the teaser poster for this film, which was mostly composed of the title with the upside down interrogation point. This new poster keeps much of the look of that poster, but adds heart shaped photos of the characters and also offers some answers to the title’s question. You’ll probably need to see the larger version to make the text out, but to save you same time here are the answers the poster offers:

…because no one inspires me more.
…because we complete each others sentences.
…because two are stronger than one.
…because every moment we share is better than the last.

Awfully sappy and a bit cliched, isn’t it? And yet there is part of me that responds to that in a very positive way.

It’s very hard to see a poster, or any other movie related marketing material, that presents love and marriage in such an earnest and unflinchingly positive and romantic way. There is generally some humor, some drama or some cynicism attached, which serves both to attract men and to fend off any claims that the movie might be naive. So this approach surprised me. But even beyond that I guess it also connected with the more romantic and idealistic side of me.

As for whether this is a wise way to market the movie, I don’t know. My first impression is that this poster is likely to alienate most of the men and all of the teenagers, and it’s not even likely to really connect with most of the older women. But Tyler Perry is a true phenomenon, and one that i don’t really “get”. And I think he understands his audience much better than I ever possibly could, so perhaps this is exactly the right approach for a film by him to be taking.


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