Final Southland Tales Poster

Final Southland Tales Poster

Could it be true? A final poster for Southland Tales? Does this mean the movie will actually get released this time? Impressive.

Ok, now that I’m over the shock, let me take a look at the poster. Well, there is certainly a lot going on in there, isn’t it? We have the faces of many of the actors, we have several stripes we very busy backgrounds, we have sort of a poster inside of a poster and we have an upside down/reversed American flag being formed by the composition of all of that. Yes a lot of stuff indeed, and I’m sure that this will also be true of the actual movie.

Honestly, this is too much stuff for my tastes, and it doesn’t really amount to any coherent whole. I don’t hate the idea, but I don’t think this particular execution works.

(Via Cinematical, thanks to John Allison for tipping me off to it)

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