Love in the Time of Cholera Movie Poster

Love in the Time of Cholera Poster

There are several elements about Love in the time of Cholera that could get movie goers interested in the film. There is the title itself, which is quite striking. There is the fact that this is an adaptation of a book by the great Gabriel García Márquez . There is Javier Bardem, who isn’t a A list movie star but who does have some cred with the more art house oriented crowd. And there is the team of director Mike Newell and writer Ronald Harwood. Again, not terribly well known, but people who have proved their talent before.

Now, although all these elements are interesting, and I can personally say the combination of them made me quite interested in the film, none of them has a real broad appeal. And trying to convey all these things in a poster clearly is hard. So I think it’s very understandable that the poster designer decided not to focus in any of those things, instead choosing to use some type of strong imagery to try to sell the movie.

But I dislike the choice of imagery here. The rose that takes most of the poster’s space is neither unique nor very memorable, and it doesn’t tie that well into the movie’s premise. I think that the idea was to transmit a sense of love, and perhaps deep passion. But I think the red rose is just too generic to really work.

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3 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Cholera Movie Poster”

  1. I disagree with you about the poster. I think that the red rose really does transmit deep love and passion. That is what the book and the movie are all about. I have heard a few comments about the film from people who have already seen it and they have all been very positive.

  2. There’s a dynamic here that isn’t working – the rose shedding a petal, which falls onto the naked woman. And the dewy rose sort of weeping for loss, or something.

    Because everything is sort of crammed, the type separates the two images and keeps them from working together. So instead you have big pointless rose and woman with big red butt. Shame.

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