Second Sweeney Todd Movie Poster

Second Sweeney Todd Movie Poster

This second poster for Sweeney Todd feels much more like a teaser poster than the first one. It shows much less of the main character, who only appears as a silhouette, and the setting is a street somewhere, which seems much less specific than the apartment in which the first poster was set. And the beware sign is a classic teaser poster element. It’s a little weird that this poster would be released after the first one.

What I also find interesting about this poster is that, although it does seem to convey a dark mood, it is much easier to think that this might be a classic Tim Burton horror/comedy based on it. The Beware sign, for example, seems a little too on the nose for a more straight horror film. The first poster seemed to convey a much more serious and unambiguous dark tone, which was perhaps a little odd.

Anyway, I don’t think this poster adds much. But I’m still excited about the film and I will take anything a can get right now.

(Via IMPAwards)

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