Exodus Poster

Exodus Poster 1

I think this needs some explanation. Exodus is the new film from director Ho-Cheung Pang. It’s supposedly a crime story with some comedy and it involves a policeman the catches a guy peeping into a ladies bathroom. The peeping tom claims that the women are arranging a plot to get rid of all the men, and when the guy dies the policeman decides to investigate further. So you see, the poster makes perfect sense.

But even if it didn’t make any sense I think I would still love it. The photo of the bathroom door, with just a little bit of the actual bathroom showing, is by itself quite distinctive and beautiful, in a way. I love the contrast between the white of the door and the red of the bathroom, and I think that the red adds a sense of danger to the image. It just feels slightly wrong in a way that is unsettling.

But the sign is what really gives the poster it’s character. It’s funny, but in a very dark humor kind of way.

Very Interesting poster. After the jump there are two other, no quite as good posters for the film.

(Via Twitch and 24framespersecond)

Exodus Poster 2
Exodus Poster 3


One thought on “Exodus Poster”

  1. I think if the first poster was just the straight on shot of the bathroom door closed with the sign how it is, would be just as effective if not more.

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