New 30 Days of Night Posters

30 Days of Night Poster

These new character posters for 30 Days of Night are quite similar to the first poster, and I feel about them much like I felt about that earlier attempt: not bad, but they don’t seem to convey the intriguing premise at all, and (partially) because of that they don’t really tell us why this vampire movie is different from any other vampire movie. I also still feel that this is a movie that can reach an audience beyond the hardcore horror fans and that the posters do very little to reach this broader audience.

One thing that can be said in favor of the posters so far is that they have a very clear and distinctive look. If the name of the movie wasn’t on the new ones I would still have immediately figured out that they were for 30 Days of Night. However, even that has its downsides: although the new posters showcase different characters they all look a lot like each other. So each new poster doesn’t really add much, and we don’t get a distinct feeling for each character, making the whole thing a little pointless

30 Days of Night opens in less than a month. I would have liked to see something different from the posters, but I’m guessing that right now they’re best hope is to keep this style and work it for all it’s worth. Too late to make any drastic changes to the campaign.

(Via IMPAwards)

30 Days of Night Poster
30 Days of Night Poster


One thought on “New 30 Days of Night Posters”

  1. Can’t say I know anything about this movie, but I’m gonna venture a guess that it’s a horror flick from the poster. Not typically my cup o’ tea.

    I like the posters, though. Very distinctive. Impossible to miss. I imagine those that like the genre will be turned on by the imagery.

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