I Just Didn’t Do It and Persepolis Posters

It seems awfully early to me, but several countries are already selecting their entries to compete for next year’s Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. The latest are Japan, which selected “I Just Didn’t Do It” and France, which selected “Persepolis”. And I know that right now you are wondering what their posters look like, right? Well, wonder no more.

I Just Didn’t Do It Poster

First we have the poster for I Just Didn’t Do It, a courtroom drama that seeks to showcase flaws in the Japanese legal systems (or so I’m told). The poster is very clean, just the protagonist, a possibly wrongfully accused man, against a white background. Interesting, but I don’t love it.

Persepolis Poster

And here is the poster for Persepolis, which is an apparently very serious animation about an Iranian girl that starts during the Islamic revolution. I quite like the poster, which showcases the distinctive style of the animation.

Thanks to Ryuganji and Cinematical for bringing these films to my attention.


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