I'm Not There Poster

I’m Not There Poster

This poster for I’m Not There resembles in some ways the poster for another film about a famous singer. Like the poster for Control, this one showcases the character at the center of the movie, using a beautiful photo that mostly focus on his face. But, like I said in the post about the Control poster, this is one genre that allows for endless fascinating variations, and I really love this one.

In the movie Bob Dylan is played by several actors, a very starking way to show that Dylan had many facets. I’m not sure which of the actors appears in the poster. Perhaps none of them? This is of course done on purpose: by covering Dylan’s face in shadows the image tips to the mystery that is the man himself. And the placement of the names of the many actors that play him is a clever way to point out that aspect of the movie.

And beyond that, it’s just a great photo, that manages to use well the fact that Dylan’s look is so iconic by now.

(Via Cinematical)

5 thoughts on “I'm Not There Poster”

  1. Good catch Andrew. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out they had looked at many more or less famous Dylan photos and related artwork while composing the poster.

  2. I would say the image is of Cate Blanchett who not only portrays Dylan during his Don’t Look Back period with his most recognisable look (the one being sported on the poster), and she is also the one getting major Oscar buzz.,

  3. Yeah, the consensus seems to be that it’s Blanchett’s image in the poster and that she will be at the center of the marketing campaign for the film. And probably at the center of the Oscar push too.

    By the way, it’s nice to see you around here Glenn. I’m used to reading your comments over at The Hot Blog or on your own blog. Hope you enjoyed the site.

  4. The actor is definantly Cate Blanchett, her character(jude quinn) is the only character that remotely looks or talks or even acts like bob. The others are different people, but symbolic of bob’s life and personality, of which he had many.

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