Foreign Language Oscar Hopefuls Part IV – It Came From Europe

Yet more posters from films selected by their respective countries to compete for the best foreign language Oscar. This time just films from European countries.

Since this entry is a little long a placed most of it under the fold, as the kids say.

In case you are worried, I will put up a post with links to all these posts when I’m done.

Italy – La Sconosciuta – The Unknown
The Unknown Poster
Spain – El Orfanato – The Orphanage
The Orphanage PosterThe Orphanage Poster 2

Portugal – Belle Toujours
Belle Toujours Poster

(Thanks to Zigtai for passing the poster along)

Macedonia – Senki – Shadows
Shadow Poster
Czech Republic – Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále – I Served the King of England
I Served King of England Poster
Norway – Tatt av kvinnen – Gone with the Woman
Gone With the Woman Poster
Denmark – Kunsten at græde i kor – The Art of Crying
The Art of Crying Poster
Finland – Miehen Työ – A Man’s Job
A Man’s Job Poster
Germany – Auf der andere Seite -The Edge of Heaven
The Edge of Heaven Poster
Netherlands – Duska
Duska Poster
Luxembourg – Perl oder Pica – Small Secrets
Small Secrets Poster


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