Wall-E Teaser Poster

Wall-E Teaser Poster

Man, I really, really love this teaser poster for Wall-E. So beautiful and so clearly filled with emotion. It immediately makes me love the little robot. And at the same time, I feel a little sad for him. he looks so lonely in there, looking at the empty sky.

Pixar is obviously trying to do something different with Wall-E, and it shows in everything they have released so far. Take the example of this poster: it is much less colorful than what we came to expect from posters for animation directed at children. It is also a lot less “busy” than usual. There really isn’t much happening, and most of the poster is filled with the sky.

All of these is quite a gamble, marketing wise. But that is one gamble I’m happy they are taking. I hope that the movie is great, and that they succeed in selling it, because that kind of success can only mean good things for the movies that will follow.

(Via Upcoming Pixar)


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