The Savages Poster

The Savages Poster

Having watched the trailer, I already knew that The Savages was a live action movie before seeing the poster. I wonder if I would have thought it was an animated film from the poster alone. I think I might, although the style of the drawing and the people involved would have made me think it was an animation geared towards adults.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily make this a bad poster. But I am wondering what the purpose of using a drawing was. Just trying the differentiate the appearance of the image? The movie deals with two siblings that have to deal with an ailing father, so perhaps the concept is playing with how even as adults we sometimes still feel like children when we have to deal with our parents, or with the idea of the children having to take care of the father in his old age in a a certain role reversal. Or perhaps it’s some reference I’m not quite getting?

Anyway, I still kind of like the look of the poster, but I was already interested in seeing The Savages. I worry that the poster might be a little confusing for people that don’t know what the movie is about and might not really indicate why the film might be compelling.

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The Bucket List

The Bucket List Poster

You know, for two old guy who are apparently stranded in the middle of a desert Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman look quite happy.

I’m not quite as happy tough. In fact, as I look at the poster, I’m mostly bored. I’m sure that something great is going on somewhere nearby, or maybe Jack just told a really funny joke, but there is nothing interesting in the poster itself. Just the two guys, and I don’t think that is enough.

Some recent films have been sold on the meeting of two or more famous stars that don’t generally work together. Meet The Fockers is probably the most successful example of that, but there are others. However, I don’t think the meeting of Nicholson and Freeman is likely to, by itself, get that many people interested, and since the poster gives no more context that is all we have.

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Juno Poster

Juno Poster

Last year the Little Miss Sunshine marketing team made great use of the yellow VW bus. Not only was the vehicle prominently displayed in most of the advertising material, the color itself was splashed in anything Little Miss Sunshine related.

This poster for Juno seems to be trying to do something similar, but using the striped shirt of the title character. Not only has the shirt (and the belly it covers, of course) appeared in everything related to the movie, the stripes themselves are used here as the background for the image. It’s an interesting concept, and it does lend the poster with an unique visual identity that they can use in other marketing materials.

However, it isn’t as good as the yellow VW Bus. And the poster isn’t as good as the ones for Little Miss Sunshine.

One other interesting thing about the poster is the presence of Michael Cera, using the already memorable gym outfit. I’m guessing Cera’s star is a lot brighter since Superbad and that is why he got a spot in the poster. A deserved spot, it should be said.

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Round-Up of Recent Posters

There weren’t many interesting new posters being released this week, so here is a round-up of recent posters that didn’t quite inspire me to write a full post about them.

Christmas in Wonderland

Christmas in Wonderland Poster

The most remarkable thing about this poster is how drab the colors are. They don’t exactly spell holiday cheer, do they?

The Pixar Story

The Pixar Story Poster (Big)

Simple, and clean, but still manages to get the point across. I like it.


Sharkwater Poster

At first I wasn’t sure if this was a poster for a documentary or for a fictional story. I decided it was not for a documentary. I was wrong.

Death Defying Acts

Death Defying Acts

This is a very safe poster design for a movie with such a bold title.

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly  Poster

I’m fascinated by the two images in this poster. The last picture from director Julian Schnabel, Before Night Falls, was a pleasure to look at, and I’m wondering if Diving Bell will be the same.

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International Hitman Poster

International Hitman Poster

This international poster for Hitman is just very, very bad. It looks like the poster for a cheap direct to video actioner, right down to the women with a backless dress that gets thrown in there to add sex appeal. And the lighting on Olyphant’s head? I really did not need to get such a good look at his pores.

The funny thing is that none of the previous Hitman posters indicated anything like this. I had my problems with them, but they were well done and had some style. This? Not so much.

I’m honestly surprised. Am I missing something here?

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Second There Will Be Blood Poster

There Will be Blood Poster 2

Recently the posters for Knocked Up and for 40 year Old Virgin showed just how effective a close up of the main character can be. It’s a simple design, but one that, if done right, can communicate a lot about the movie and about why it is interesting.

In theory I think this type of poster would be excellent for There Will Be Blood, since the film is centered around the character of Daniel Day-Lewis, who supposedly gives a great performance. But this particular poster isn’t a very good execution of the concept. Too dark, and too much black space, which probably matches the movie’s serious tone, but also ends up obscuring the character’s face too much. And not the right facial expression. It just doesn’t leave a strong enough impression.

With some tweaking, this could become a great poster, but right now it’s very so-so. And not quite as appealing as the even simpler teaser poster, at least not to me.

I’m still madly looking forward to seeing the movie though.

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The Perfect Holiday Poster

The Perfect Holiday Poster

Well, the holidays must be getting closer, because here is another crappy poster for a Christmas themed movie.

Maybe the problem is me. Maybe I’m getting old and cynical and can no longer appreciate the simple naive joys of Christmas. But this poster just screams bad Christmas movie to me. Everything about it annoys me, from the title (not just good, it’s perfect!) to the whimsical use of the snow globe and the Christmas balls.

Like I said, maybe it’s just me.

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