10,000 BC Poster

10,000 BC Poster

In theory, I really like this poster. It conveys well how small and seemingly defenseless man is when matched with the enormous and powerful mammoth, having only primitive weapons to defend himself. And I think that goes to the main appeal of the movie: showing the primitive man as he tackles a world that is much more daunting and full of dangers than our current world.

But that is in theory. In practice, this poster, and the first trailer for that matter, feels a little underwhelming. Unfortunately I can’t quite put my finger on what is wrong with it. Perhaps the image seems too fake? I’m not sure, but the poster just isn’t giving me the wow feeling I thought it would.

(Via IESB)


3 thoughts on “10,000 BC Poster”

  1. I know what you mean. They kept the thing from looking like a dumb caveman clichĂ©, so hats off there. But somehow the angle on the mammoth doesn’t seem to threaten the caveman like it should. The cave-dude, meanwhile, is stuffed in the corner, like a little toy figure that’s fallen over in a museum diorama. And what’s with the fancy-shmancy spear? I hear H.R. Giger wants it back.

    I’d guess the original poster had the mammoth more central, and put you the viewer underneath it, in harm’s way. Then some studio guy told them to slide the beast over and put a li’l caveman in, to suggest the conflict. So now the poster’s neither immersive nor clear.

    My 8-year-old daughter said of the trailer, “I don’t understand what story they’re trying to tell.” I guess I feel the same way about this poster.

  2. I think the poster fails becuase the giant mammoth and the teeny caveman arn’t really engaging eachother. There’s no action. The cavemen doesn’t seem to be throwing the spear at the mammoth or even looking at the damn thing for that matter. He just feels “there”, because, well…they needed him. And while the mammoth is the center of attention…it seems dead to me, positioned on its hind legs for a good photo-op in a natural history museum.

    Which, by the way, could be intentional since there’s this ice-age allusion going on at the top of the poster.

    “Thawed and coming to a theatre near you.”

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