Final The Golden Compass Posters

The Golden Compass Poster

I always thought that the armored white bear was the most interesting thing to be found in any of the previous Golden Compass posters. So I’m very happy to see another poster bringing some more bear action, and I like the fact that the collage poster below puts the girl on the bear at the center of the image.

And I think the bear should have a broad appeal with the intended audience. I mean, who doesn’t like fierce fighting bears? I’m quite serious about this.

And keeping things on the positive side, the poster below does a good job of bringing together all the elements that appeared in the various posters. It doesn’t exactly make for a cohesive whole, but there is enough happening to keep you looking, and things fit together well enough for it not to be distracting. Sure, Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig end up not getting too much space, but it’s probably space enough.

Are these great posters? I wouldn’t go that far. They don’t quite transmit the sense of epic scope that made the Lord of the Rings trilogy unique, nor do they match the family friendliness of the Narnia marketing materials. But they are above average posters for a fantasy film.

(Via Cinematical)

The Golden Compass Poster

3 thoughts on “Final The Golden Compass Posters”

  1. I think the collage poster is a little more effective. Gives the impression there’ll be more going on than just bear fighting. The two bears poster looks like it’s for a movie called Bear Wars.

  2. The two bears poster looks like it’s for a movie called Bear Wars.

    Which would be, like, the best movie ever, right? Right?

    Ok, maybe it’s just me.

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