It Came From Korea

Even tough the box-office take of Korean horror movies was lackluster this year, as was, to be fair, the box-office of most Korean movies, the genre apparently had a bit of a creative revival. And as it turns out many of these horror movies had very creative posters, as you can see for yourselves below.

I have looked at many posters for Korean movies this year, and I have been generally impressed. They are always at least well made, with several being quite beautiful and creative. And many of them seem to follow a certain style that makes them feel Korean. Very interesting.

Epitaph (기담)

Epitaph Poster
Epitaph Poster

Muoi : The Legend of a Portrait (므이)

Muoi Poster

Black House (검은 집)

Black House Poster
Black House Poster

More after the jump

The Cut (해부학교실)

The Cut Poster
The Cut Poster 2

Shadows in the Palace (궁녀)

Shadows in the Palace Poster


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