Southland Tales UK Quad

Southland Tales UK Quad

Strange. That is one word that could be used to describe Donnie Darko, the first feature film from director Richard Kelly. And I’m sure it will also describe his second film, Southland Tales. But the question is, will Tales be the good kind of strange? Darko certainly was, so there is some hope.

This UK quad poster, on the other hand, falls firmly on the bad kind of strange category for me. Mostly because it’s just an incomprehensible mess. And it doesn’t at all convey that the film will be thrillingly crazy and full of energy, which is kind of what I think they were going for. It just makes it seem like the film won’t make any sense.

I understand that it is hard to distill Southland Tales into a poster, since it’s apparently a complex film without any easily explainable story. But there has to be ways to make posters better than this.

(Via Empire)

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