Juno Poster

Juno Poster

Last year the Little Miss Sunshine marketing team made great use of the yellow VW bus. Not only was the vehicle prominently displayed in most of the advertising material, the color itself was splashed in anything Little Miss Sunshine related.

This poster for Juno seems to be trying to do something similar, but using the striped shirt of the title character. Not only has the shirt (and the belly it covers, of course) appeared in everything related to the movie, the stripes themselves are used here as the background for the image. It’s an interesting concept, and it does lend the poster with an unique visual identity that they can use in other marketing materials.

However, it isn’t as good as the yellow VW Bus. And the poster isn’t as good as the ones for Little Miss Sunshine.

One other interesting thing about the poster is the presence of Michael Cera, using the already memorable gym outfit. I’m guessing Cera’s star is a lot brighter since Superbad and that is why he got a spot in the poster. A deserved spot, it should be said.

(Via Slashfilm)


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