The Savages Poster

The Savages Poster

Having watched the trailer, I already knew that The Savages was a live action movie before seeing the poster. I wonder if I would have thought it was an animated film from the poster alone. I think I might, although the style of the drawing and the people involved would have made me think it was an animation geared towards adults.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily make this a bad poster. But I am wondering what the purpose of using a drawing was. Just trying the differentiate the appearance of the image? The movie deals with two siblings that have to deal with an ailing father, so perhaps the concept is playing with how even as adults we sometimes still feel like children when we have to deal with our parents, or with the idea of the children having to take care of the father in his old age in a a certain role reversal. Or perhaps it’s some reference I’m not quite getting?

Anyway, I still kind of like the look of the poster, but I was already interested in seeing The Savages. I worry that the poster might be a little confusing for people that don’t know what the movie is about and might not really indicate why the film might be compelling.

(Via IMPAwards)


3 thoughts on “The Savages Poster”

  1. the poster is illustrated by artist chris ware. if you ever read his graphic novels, you’ll understand why he was chosen to create the poster.

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