Lots of Golden Compass Posters

Golden Compass Character Poster 1

I know The Golden Compass is a big movie and all, but man it has had a lot of posters. The latest ones are another batch of character posters. They are very different from the last batch of character posters, even tough some of the same characters appear.

The new posters are, in general, very nice and well done. But what I find most interesting about them is that each character is paired with his/her animal daemon. The concept of the personal animal daemon was used in the campaign a few times, most memorably through a site that revealed to you what your own daemon was. It’s an interesting concept and I think it really enriches these posters. But it hasn’t been consistently used in the campaign. That points to what I think has been a more broad problem with the marketing push for this movie: it has been all over the place, and the marketing team doesn’t seem to be sure about how they want to sell the film.

I also liked the effect that seeing these posters together has. Seeing all the different characters and backgrounds really gives me a sense that the film has a large, perhaps even epic scope. This is something that I think they have tried to achieve with some of the other marketing materials, not always successfully.

(Via IMPAwards)

Golden Compass Character Poster 2
Golden Compass Character Poster 3
Golden Compass Character Poster 4
Golden Compass Character Poster 5
Golden Compass Character Poster 6
Golden Compass Character Poster 7
Golden Compass Character Poster 8
Golden Compass Character Poster 9

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