Another Rambo Poster

Rambo Poster 2

Can it possibly be true? Yes, I guess it can. They made another good poster for John Rambo (or is it just Rambo?). Perhaps this is a sign that the movie might not totally suck?

Probably not.

The strength of this poster is in it’s simplicity, which makes the message powerful and clear. Rambo no longer as a man, but as an icon.

And the style is brilliant. Don’t you just want to see it plastered over a bunch of walls? Maybe on a few t-shirts? The revolution has a name, and it’s name is Rambo. Fear him!

And much like the first poster this one doesn’t show us much of the actual Stallone. Which is great. Stallone looks too old to be running around the jungle killing people. Much better to evoke the idea of the fearless Rambo than to show the actual person.

(Via MoviePatron)


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