Third Rambo Poster

Rambo Poster 3

Oh, that is just too bad. They were doing so well with the two first posters for Rambo, but they had to go ahead and spoil everything by showing the old man’s face.

Ok, that was way too mean. The truth is that this is not a bad poster. It’s very up close and from this distance, and with this lighting, Stallone doesn’t look too bad. He looks kind of fierce even. But I don’t think Stallone has the presence to carry this with just his face, not anymore anyway.

The two earlier posters managed to go beyond Stallone himself, taking advantage of the fact that Rambo is an iconic character now. This one is less successful in that sense. It’s also a less stylish and much more ordinary poster.

And I don’t know what is going to be the actual name of the film when it’s released, but they appear to have chosen to use just Rambo, no John, in the marketing materials. And that is fine by me, much better than some long and convoluted title.

(Via IMPAwards)


2 thoughts on “Third Rambo Poster”

  1. The thing that keeps taking me completely outside the feel and vibe of this movie’s marketing materials is, well, the Rambo-mullet. With roughly 92% of today’s target audience having no clue who Rambo used to be, why not update his look in this movie and recast him as a more modern hero?

  2. That’s a very interesting idea. But I’m not sure that Rambo can really work as a modern hero, or that Stallone can work as modern action star.

    I think they are mostly just hoping the pure nostalgia will carry this film to a respectable gross, and are trying their best not too mess too much with Rambo’s image in order not to upset old time fans. I’m not sure that is such a great strategy, but it did sort of work with Rocky Balboa, so who knows.

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