Well, At Least It's Different

Strange Wilderness Poster

Once upon a time it used be common for comedies to have posters that just featured the characters, generally in some silly pose, against a white background. Well, times have changed and apparently now the new fad is to do the same thing …. but against a green background! Bold.

These two posters look quite bad to me. The one for Strange Wilderness is a little better as there is a least more variation and more to look at. But really, not an inspired poster. And as for the one for Mama’s Boy, well, let’s just say that Napoleon Dynamite is looking like more and more of a fluke as time passes and Jon Heder appears in different roles.

(Via IMPAwards)

Mama’s Boy Poster


One thought on “Well, At Least It's Different”

  1. Interesting trend (or coincidence), Gus. I like these posters a little better than you do, I guess. On Strange Wilderness, what stands out for me is the prominence of Adam Sandler’s production company name at the top – it’s huge, or HAYOOOJ as Adam might say, almost bigger than the title. Unnecessary as there are some recognizable names in the cast; I’d be more on board with seeing a movie Steve Zahn was in rather than one Adam Sandler produced. The green’s fine and the Bigfoot shadow is OK; I just wish the cast was a little bigger. The negative space isn’t helping anything. Copyline works but the “without a clue” idea is a little tired.

    As for Mama’s Boy, it’s a little more crudely done and benefits from that – the flatness/lack of depth gives it a sort of art house quality that’s appealing. The shot of Heder is pretty funny and works with the copyline nicely. Wish they had given Anna Faris something to do rather than just stand there looking kinda neutral—not gorgeous, sexy, funny, or even reacting much. (Apparently she’s not the Mama, though the poster would make you think otherwise.) Hate the way the copyline is crammed in, otherwise it’s a pretty decent poster.

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