New Atonement Posters

Atonement Character Poster (Keira)

Like most of the marketing materials for Atonement, these new posters are well made, beautiful and very tasteful. They also scream “this is a classy and very serious period movie.” Although the relationship between the James McAvoy and Keira Knightley characters doesn’t feature as prominently as it did in other posters the overall message is still quite consistent.

One interesting thing thing about this set is that the character of Briony gets it’s own poster, putting it in equal footing with the other two. This is a marked difference from the other posters in which Briony barely appeared at all. Of course, only her back can be seen in the image. I think that actually ends up making it stand out more, but the fact remain that this character, and it’s role in the movie, has been poorly defined in the marketing so far. Which, as I mentioned before, is not necessarily a bad thing from a “selling the movie” standpoint.

(Thanks to John Allison for tipping me off about these)

Atonement Character Poster (Briony)
Atonement Character Poster (James)


2 thoughts on “New Atonement Posters”

  1. Wow! I like these posters, more so than the earlier poster, which was…not bad, but not great. I’m a bit anxious about Knightley appearing in my favourite book…but the posters have given me some confidence. Ah…that fateful letter…

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