Made of Honor Poster

Made of Honor Poster

So, here is the deal: you either find the idea of Patrick Dempsey as a maid of honor hilarious or you don’t. No poster is going to make you want to see this movie if that basic premise doesn’t appeal to you. At least no poster that is at all honest about the film’s content.

Considering that constraint I think the poster does a fine job of selling the movie. The film’s concept is conveyed quite clearly, Dempsey looks good stands out nicely in the poster, and we even get a little bit of Michelle Monaghan, which is always nice. I’m not sure how wise it is to center a marketing campaign on Dempsey, considering he is unproven (to say the least) as a movie star. But again, that goes to the movie, and the marketing team can’t do much to get away from it.

(Via Cinematical)


2 thoughts on “Made of Honor Poster”

  1. Patrick Dempsey unproven? You should look him up in IMDB He had a string of hit movies when he was young so he’s a proven movie star and a proven star of the small screen. Chicks dig him because he’s now a heartthrob and this movie is definitely a chick flick, so it should do great.

  2. These movies live or die off of the trailer though, no poster is ever going to make people change their mind. The hits and the flops all have identical posters, but it’s what’s actually in the film that will prove whether it succeeds or not.

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