I Am Legend Banners

I Am Legend Banner

These banners for I Am Legend are quite cool. The posters so far focused solely on New York, showing it devastated. This collection broadens the scope of the destruction immensely. And to a certain extent they drive home the point that Will Smith isn’t just alone on New York, on on America. He is alone in the world.

Plus, they should be very useful when marketing the film abroad. Both because they make the film seem less provincial and because the individual banners could make the people in the countries they depict feel included. Included in the mass death and destruction in this case, but it still counts.

(Via http://moviesoonhk.com/)

Hong Kong
I Am Legend Banner
I Am Legend Banner
I Am Legend Banner
I Am Legend Banner
I Am Legend Banner
I Am Legend Banner
I Am Legend Banner
I Am Legend Banner


MovieSoonHK has got two more banners. That makes 11 total, for those keeping score at home.

I Am Legend Banners Taipei
I Am Legend Banners Seul


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