Teeth Movie Poster

Teeth Poster 2

I think it’s interesting to compare these two posters for Teeth. The one above is new and is part of the promotion for the upcoming theatrical release. The one below was used when the movie was in the festival circuit.

Like Chris says, the new poster positions the movie as a clear cut sexual thriller, even going to the extent of using a critic quote that mentions Fatal Attraction. The image does a good job of being alluring but still maintaining a sense of danger.

The old poster positions the movie as more of a comedy. Certainly a quirky comedy, and perhaps one with horror elements, like Shaun of the Dead, but definitely a comedy.

If the name wasn’t the same it would be hard to tell that both posters are for the same movie.

As I understand, the actual movie has both the more horror/thriller elements and the comedy side. Balancing those elements in a movie is very hard. Balancing then in a poster is almost impossible. The marketing team seems to have decided that it would be more effective to sell just the more serious sexual thriller aspect in the poster. Can’t say I disagree with them.

Teeth Poster

7 New Sweeney Todd Posters

Sweeney Todd Poster 1 (Big)

7 character posters for two characters. Seems like a bit of an overkill, doesn’t it? And the tone of all the posters is very similar, so the different versions for each character don’t seem to add much.

Which is not to say that I don’t like the posters. In fact, I love them. I love the very dark mood, the style of the clothes and the environment, the little bloody details like the fingers in the pie, and the look in Depp’s eyes, sometimes mischievous, sometimes just murderous. The posters also scream “Tim Burton movie!”, and that is mighty fine by me.

Sweeney Todd strikes me as a hard sell. A musical about a serial killer? Those two genres don’t generally go together. They do have the now very hot Johnny Depp, which helps, but still.

I think the posters do a very good job of selling the quirky horror movie aspect of the film. Obviously, there isn’t much they can do about the singing. Is Tim Burton (and his style) now mainstream enough for this type of movie to reach a broader audience? I don’t know, but I sure hope so.

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Sweeney Todd Poster 2
Sweeney Todd Poster 3
Sweeney Todd Poster 6 (Big)
Sweeney Todd Poster 4
Sweeney Todd Poster 5
Sweeney Todd Poster 7

Get Smart Poster

Get Smart Poster

I love Steve Carell. The guy just has one those faces that can make you laugh even at an unfunny joke, and that can make the good ones great. So, despite my better judgment, I’m sort of looking forward to Get Smart.

That said, I have to wonder about the choice of hiding so much of Carell’s face in the poster. I understand the idea, but for me they are simply obscuring the movie’s greatest asset.

The funny thing about Maxwell Smart is not just seeing him doing silly stuff. It’s also seeing his reaction as he tries to maintain an air of seriousness even as everything goes haywire. The hair joke gets in the way of that in here.

One other side effect of the hair joke is that Anne ends up having to stand a bit in front of Carell, and doesn’t seem to even realize he is there. In the old Get Smart poster, which can be seen below, there was an interesting interaction and chemistry between Maxwell and Agent 99. The new poster completely lacks that.

I still don’t think it’s a bad poster. But it is far from great and it wastes many of the best elements they had to sell the film.

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Old Get Smart Poster

Made of Honor Poster

Made of Honor Poster

So, here is the deal: you either find the idea of Patrick Dempsey as a maid of honor hilarious or you don’t. No poster is going to make you want to see this movie if that basic premise doesn’t appeal to you. At least no poster that is at all honest about the film’s content.

Considering that constraint I think the poster does a fine job of selling the movie. The film’s concept is conveyed quite clearly, Dempsey looks good stands out nicely in the poster, and we even get a little bit of Michelle Monaghan, which is always nice. I’m not sure how wise it is to center a marketing campaign on Dempsey, considering he is unproven (to say the least) as a movie star. But again, that goes to the movie, and the marketing team can’t do much to get away from it.

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New Wall-E Poster

New Wall-E Poster

I’m stunned at how much emotion the little robot can convey. Unlike the very anthropomorphic characters of Robots, Wall-E looks a lot like a realistic robot. And yet, it is full of expression, even in a still image like this. And I think this combination is at the center of why the character seems so interesting to me.

This poster doesn’t add much to the one we had before, but it does advance the job of getting the public acquainted with the main character. And I’m happy to say that I’m looking forward to this movie more than ever.

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New Atonement Posters

Atonement Character Poster (Keira)

Like most of the marketing materials for Atonement, these new posters are well made, beautiful and very tasteful. They also scream “this is a classy and very serious period movie.” Although the relationship between the James McAvoy and Keira Knightley characters doesn’t feature as prominently as it did in other posters the overall message is still quite consistent.

One interesting thing thing about this set is that the character of Briony gets it’s own poster, putting it in equal footing with the other two. This is a marked difference from the other posters in which Briony barely appeared at all. Of course, only her back can be seen in the image. I think that actually ends up making it stand out more, but the fact remain that this character, and it’s role in the movie, has been poorly defined in the marketing so far. Which, as I mentioned before, is not necessarily a bad thing from a “selling the movie” standpoint.

(Thanks to John Allison for tipping me off about these)

Atonement Character Poster (Briony)
Atonement Character Poster (James)

Third Rambo Poster

Rambo Poster 3

Oh, that is just too bad. They were doing so well with the two first posters for Rambo, but they had to go ahead and spoil everything by showing the old man’s face.

Ok, that was way too mean. The truth is that this is not a bad poster. It’s very up close and from this distance, and with this lighting, Stallone doesn’t look too bad. He looks kind of fierce even. But I don’t think Stallone has the presence to carry this with just his face, not anymore anyway.

The two earlier posters managed to go beyond Stallone himself, taking advantage of the fact that Rambo is an iconic character now. This one is less successful in that sense. It’s also a less stylish and much more ordinary poster.

And I don’t know what is going to be the actual name of the film when it’s released, but they appear to have chosen to use just Rambo, no John, in the marketing materials. And that is fine by me, much better than some long and convoluted title.

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