Well, At Least It's Different

Strange Wilderness Poster

Once upon a time it used be common for comedies to have posters that just featured the characters, generally in some silly pose, against a white background. Well, times have changed and apparently now the new fad is to do the same thing …. but against a green background! Bold.

These two posters look quite bad to me. The one for Strange Wilderness is a little better as there is a least more variation and more to look at. But really, not an inspired poster. And as for the one for Mama’s Boy, well, let’s just say that Napoleon Dynamite is looking like more and more of a fluke as time passes and Jon Heder appears in different roles.

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Mama’s Boy Poster


Another Rambo Poster

Rambo Poster 2

Can it possibly be true? Yes, I guess it can. They made another good poster for John Rambo (or is it just Rambo?). Perhaps this is a sign that the movie might not totally suck?

Probably not.

The strength of this poster is in it’s simplicity, which makes the message powerful and clear. Rambo no longer as a man, but as an icon.

And the style is brilliant. Don’t you just want to see it plastered over a bunch of walls? Maybe on a few t-shirts? The revolution has a name, and it’s name is Rambo. Fear him!

And much like the first poster this one doesn’t show us much of the actual Stallone. Which is great. Stallone looks too old to be running around the jungle killing people. Much better to evoke the idea of the fearless Rambo than to show the actual person.

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The Eye Poster

The Eye Poster
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I talked several times this year about the SAW posters. They were very effective in their time, and they still seem to work for the SAW movies themselves. But the style is a played out, which means that it’s time to find new ways to promote other horror movies. Well, this poster is a nice example of a different approach. I many ways it is very gross, but not in the SAW blood and guts style. It’s gross in an unsettling way, in a “that just looks wrong” way.

This is the kind of posters that gets people’s attention. It might not immediately make you want to see the movie, but you will notice it. And it will get you talking about it and perhaps even about the movie itself. And once you are already aware that this movie exists that makes it much easier for the rest of the marketing material to reach you.

This poster does has one big disadvantage when compared to the SAW posters tough: it’s not as obviously connected with the content of the movie. When you saw a severed leg in the poster for the original SAW, you knew you were going to see somebody get his legged chopped off. With this? Not so clear. Do people actually come out of the an eye in the movie?

But it’s still a very nice effort.

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Lots of Golden Compass Posters

Golden Compass Character Poster 1

I know The Golden Compass is a big movie and all, but man it has had a lot of posters. The latest ones are another batch of character posters. They are very different from the last batch of character posters, even tough some of the same characters appear.

The new posters are, in general, very nice and well done. But what I find most interesting about them is that each character is paired with his/her animal daemon. The concept of the personal animal daemon was used in the campaign a few times, most memorably through a site that revealed to you what your own daemon was. It’s an interesting concept and I think it really enriches these posters. But it hasn’t been consistently used in the campaign. That points to what I think has been a more broad problem with the marketing push for this movie: it has been all over the place, and the marketing team doesn’t seem to be sure about how they want to sell the film.

I also liked the effect that seeing these posters together has. Seeing all the different characters and backgrounds really gives me a sense that the film has a large, perhaps even epic scope. This is something that I think they have tried to achieve with some of the other marketing materials, not always successfully.

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Golden Compass Character Poster 2
Golden Compass Character Poster 3
Golden Compass Character Poster 4
Golden Compass Character Poster 5
Golden Compass Character Poster 6
Golden Compass Character Poster 7
Golden Compass Character Poster 8
Golden Compass Character Poster 9

American Poster for The Orphanage

The Orphanage Poster

I basically agree with Chris on this one: this poster is very understated, and it manages to be creepy and effective exactly because of that. And something like this is probably the right way to sell a horror/thriller right now.

However, I can’t help but to compare it to the original Spanish posters, some of which I covered in this post and another one which you can see below. The Spanish posters are, if anything, even more subtle, especially because they avoid the kind of overt ghosts we have in the American poster. And I think they make a better use of color. The poster above is too toned down, the Spanish ones tend to “pop out” more. Not too much, but enough to make them more interesting to look at.

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El Orfanato Poster

Jumper Poster

Jumper Poster

I actually still don’t know exactly what Jumper is about. I know there was a trailer, but I never got around to watching that. And every time I read something about the movie I tend to space out as I get to the plot description.

But thanks to this poster I know have an inkling of what the film’s premise is. And, more importantly, the image, coupled with the tagline, made me interested in it for the first time. “Anywhere is possible.” Yeah, I get the idea of why that might be cool.

Selling a movie that has a strange or unusual premise can be really hard. It’s often not enough to just convey what that premise is, which in itself can be tricky. You also have to convey to people why that premise is going to make for an interesting movie. Everyone understands the appeal of an whodunit movie. We have seen those. But with something like this? You have to show people.

In this case an image really is worth a thousand words, even tough the tagline is essential for the whole thing to work.

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International Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem Character Posters

International Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem Character Poster 1

Coming up with a good campaign for an AvP movie isn’t that hard. Show the Alien. Show the Preadator. Perhaps show them fighting. And you are done. These two creatures have so much story behind them that getting people interested and invested is easy.

In that sense, these new posters work. They are too colorless for my taste, but they still manage to showcase the Alien and the Predator, and they both look cool. But I would really have liked to see them try to go beyond the safe, good enough choice. In part that is because the first film was very bad, and I would like to see something that made this one seem different somehow. Something that showed that they had the right idea this time. But it is also because I really think that if they went beyond the obvious they might be able to do something truly amazing with these two and the whole iconic story they bring with them.

But maybe that is too much to ask from the posters. And like I said, these aren’t bad.

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International Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem Character Poster 2