Be Kind Rewind Poster

Be Kind Rewind Poster

So, to recap. In Be Kind Rewind Jack Black erases every single tape in his friend’s video store due to some freak accident. Black and the friend (Mos Def) deal with this problem by remaking a bunch of classic films themselves. I imagine that hilarity ensues.

The posters manges to incorporate the homemade aspect of the above premise into it’s aesthetic. It also has a bit of vintage look, which again is a way to incorporate the premise of the movie into the poster. After all these are tapes we are talking about, and the movies that get remade aren’t exactly old, but they aren’t modern either.

I like the poster, it’s a clever concept. But I was already aware of the movie’s premise and I loved it. With a poster like this I often wonder about the reaction that people that don’t know exactly what the movie is about will have. Will they be able to “get it”, so to speak? Or will they just see a weird cheap looking poster and be turned off by it?

Also, if the premise and the trailers didn’t connect with you, this poster isn’t going to change your perception. Chris, for example, really hates it. Like I said, that is not how I feel, but I can certainly understand it.

(Via IMPAwards)


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