In Bruges Poster

In Bruges Poster
(click for a larger version)

I have never been to Bruges myself, but judging from this postcard it seems like a pretty violent city. But perhaps that is part of the attraction? “Come to Bruges, more handsome hit men than any other city in Belgium!”

The more I look at this poster, the more I like it. I love how totally it embraces the movie’s premise of two hit men taking a forced vacation in a touristic city, and I love the way it embraces it. The combination of the postcard look and the almost toy like scenery with all the guns and blood not only makes for a very unique image but it also conveys clearly that this is an action comedy. It also gives us a hint of what kind of humor we may expect to see in the actual film.

As with anything comedy related, tastes differ, a lot. I’m sure that many people won’t find this amusing at all. But I get a feeling that the poster will connect with the people likely to enjoy this kind of film.

Also, I feel like I should mention that this is yet another “strips” poster, in which we have an image divided into various strips, and each strip showcases a character. This is a style that sometimes bothers me because it’s so common, but not here. The look of the poster is different enough in other ways.


2 thoughts on “In Bruges Poster”

  1. I love this poster— a very clever take on the retro-cheapass tourist card you see across Europe. It rewards you the more you look at it, and the subdued colors work very well for poster’s overall feel.

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