Virgin Territory Poster

Virgin Territory Poster

This poster for Virgin Territory seems to clearly place the movie as a teenage sex comedy. We have the two young looking stars who are not wearing any visible clothes and who are peeking from behind what appear to be sheets. We have the underwear being whimsically waved around. We have all the legs up in the air. Oh yeah, and the title.

But in case all those things didn’t quite get the point across, the movie’s international title should clear things up.

International Virgin Territory Poster

Yes, Medieval Pie. Get it? It’s not really American, but it’s close.

That said, there some elements in the poster that don’t quite fit with what we might expect from the typical teen comedy. First, there is the sword and the outdated hairdos. But we could chalk that up to this being “American Pie …. in the past!” Harder to explain are the two bodies in the corner and all the red light in the background. Those things seem like to point to a humor that is a little different, and in some ways a little more risky.

The plot of the movie, as provided by IMDb, is the following: “Young Florentines regale one another in the Italian countryside while the black plague decimates their city.” That kind of plot does indeed seem to point towards a different type of comedy, maybe one with some kind of social message even. And now I’m thinking whether the poster sells the teenage sex comedy aspect so hard because that is what this is or just because that was the easiest element to sell.

It’s a good poster in the sense that it reminds us of something that has already been successful (the pie movies) but adds a little extra spice to make it different enough to grab the attention. But I’m very curious to see what the actual film is like.

(Via IMPAwards and Worst Previews)


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