The Posters for the Foreign Language Oscar Contenders

Remember when I said that I was going to do more posts showcasing posters from the films selected by their respective countries to compete for the foreign language Oscar? You don’t? That’s probably because it was such a long time ago.

To compensate for all the waiting here is a mega post with posters for almost all of the 63 selected films. I ended up including the posters that appeared in previous posts, in order to have a single post with all the posters. I think this will be more useful than having the posters scattered over several pages.

So, without further ado, here they are.

Argentina – XXY (IMDbOfficial Site)
XXY Poster (Big)

XXY Poster (Big)

Australia – The Home Song Stories (IMDbOfficial Site)
The Home Song Stories Poster

Austria – Counterfeiters (IMDbOfficial Site)
Counterfeiters Poster
Counterfeiters Poster

Belgium – Ben X (IMDbOfficial Site)
Ben X Poster

Brazil – The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (IMDbOfficial Site)
O Ano em que Meus Pais Sairam de Férias Poster

Bulgaria – Warden of the Dead (IMDb – Official Site?)
Warden of the Dead Poster

Canada – L’Age des Tenebres (IMDb – Official Site?)
Days fo Darkness Poster

Chile – Padre Nuestro (IMDbOfficial Site)
Padre Nuestro Poster

China – The Knot (IMDb – Official Site?)
The Knot Poster
The Knot Poster

Colombia – Satanás (IMDbOfficial Site)
Satanas Poster

Croatia – Armin (IMDbOfficial Site)
Armin Poster
Armin Poster

Cuba – The Silly Age (IMDbOfficial Site)
La Edad de la Peseta Poster
La Edad de la Peseta Poster

Czech Republic – I Served the King of England (IMDbOfficial Site)

I Served the King of England Poster

Denmark – The Art of Crying (IMDbOfficial Site)
The Art of Crying Poster

Egypt – In the Heliopolis Flat (IMDb – Official Site?)
In the Heliopolis Flat Poster

Estonia – Klass (IMDb – Official Site)
Klass Poster

Finland – A Man’s Job (IMDbOfficial Site)
A Man’s Job Poster

France – Persepolis (IMDbOfficial Site)
Persepolis Poster

Germany – The edge of Heaven (IMDbOfficial Site)
The Edge of Heaven Poster

Georgia – Russian Triangle (IMDbOfficial Site)
Russian Triangle Poster

Greece – Eduart (IMDb – Official Site?)
Eduart Poster

Hong Kong – Exiled (IMDbOfficial Site)
Exiled Poster

Hungary – Taxidermia (IMDbOfficial Site)
Taxidermia Poster
Taxidermia Poster

Iceland – Jar City (IMDb – Official Site?)
Myrin Poster
Myrin Poster

India – Eklavya (IMDbOfficial Site)
Eklavya Poster

Indonesia – Denias, Singing on the Cloud (IMDb – Official Site?)
Denias Poster

Iran – M For Mother (IMDb – Official Site?)
M For Mother Poster

Iraq – Jani Gal (IMDbOfficial Site)
Jani Gal Poster

Ireland – Kings (IMDbOfficial Site)
Kings Poster

Israel – Beaufort (IMDb – Official Site?)
Beaufort Poster

Italy – The Unknown Woman (IMDb – Official Site?)
The Unknown Woman Poster

Japan – I Just Didn’t Do It (IMDbOfficial Site)
I Just Didn’t Do It Poster

Kazakhstan – Mongol (IMDbOfficial Site)
Mongol Poster
Mongol Poster

Korea – Secret Sunshine (IMDbOfficial Site)
Secret Sunshine Poster
Secret Sunshine Poster

Lebanon – Caramel (IMDbOfficial Site)
Caramel Poster

Luxembourg – Small Secrets (IMDbOfficial Site)
Small Secrets Poster

Macedonia – Shadows (IMDbOfficial Site)
Shadows Poster

Mexico – Silent Light (IMDbOfficial Site)
Stellet Licht Poster

Netherlands – Duska (IMDb – Official Site?)
Duska Poster

Norway – Gone With the Woman (IMDbOfficial Site)
Gone With the Woman Poster

Peru – Una Sombra Al Frente (IMDbOfficial Site)
Una Sombra Al Frente Poster

Phillipines – Donsol (IMDbOfficial Site)
Donsol Poster
Donsol Poster

Poland – Katyn (IMDbOfficial Site)
Katyn Poster

Portugal – Belle Toujours (IMDb – Official Site?)
Belle Toujours Poster

Puerto Rico – Maldeamores (IMDb – Official Site?)
Maldeamores Poster

Romania – 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (IMDbOfficial Site)
4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days  Poster

Russia – 12 (IMDb – Official Site?)
12 Poster

Serbia – The Trap (IMDbOfficial Site)
Klopka Poster

Singapore – 881 (IMDb
Official Site)
881 Poster

Slovakia – Return of the Storks (IMDb – Official Site?)
Return of the Storks Poster

Spain – The Orphanage (IMDbOfficial Site)
The Orphanage Poster
The Orphanage Poster

Sweden – You, The Living (IMDbOfficial Site)
You The Living Poster

Switzerland – Late Bloomers (IMDbOfficial Site)
Late Bloomers Poster

Taiwan – Island Etude (IMDb – Official Site?)
Island Etude Poster

Thailand – King Naresuan Part 2 (IMDbOfficial Site)
King Naresuan Poster

Turkey – Takva -A Man’s Fear of God (IMDbOfficial Site)
Takva Poster
Takva Poster

Uruguay – El baño del Papa (IMDbOfficial Site)
El Bano del Papa Poster

Venezuela – Postcards from Leningrad (IMDbOfficial Site)
Postales de Leningrado Poster

Vietnam – White Silk Dress (IMDb – Official Site?)
Ao Lua Ha Dong Poster

I could not find posters for:

Azerbaijan – Caucasia (IMDb? – Official Site?)

Bangladesh – Swopnodanay (IMDbOfficial Site)

Bosnia Hersegovina – It’s Hard to be Nice (IMDb – Official Site?)

Slovenia Short Circuits (IMDbOfficial Site)


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