New The Eye Movie Poster

The Eye Movie Poster
(click for a larger version)

This new poster for The Eye is very … blue.

After the very weird and oddly upsetting first poster this one is a bit of a letdown. So much less interesting. But I have to admit that it probably does a better job of telling people what the movie is about, even tough it relies heavily on people actually reading what is written in the poster in order to do that. And it does feature the lovely Miss Alba, although she is a little hard to recognize in this particular image.

As for chill inducing elements, the eyes do call attention to themselves and do get to me a little. Those eyes don’t look like they should be seeing anything. But she seems to spotted something, and I get a little creeped out thinking about exactly what she could be seeing out there in the rain.

And the dictionary definition of cellular whatever at the top of the poster is sinister. Because, you know, dictionary definitions are sinister. I mean, have you ever tried to read the dictionary at night, alone and by candle light? Start with E, and then tell me if that wasn’t the scariest thing ever.

Still, such dull colors.


6 thoughts on “New The Eye Movie Poster”

  1. I really like the poster. I think it has a creepy vibe to it with the white face and those blank eyes. The colors help achieve that.

  2. I actually kind of like the mood of this poster. The problem for me, is that if that tag line wasn’t there (and I didn’t already know what the movie was about), it appears to be some sort of vampire or zombie film. Alba (who is barely recognizable as Alba as you mentioned) looks like she is a zombie; not a blind, scared girl.

  3. I hadn’t noticed that Andrew, but you are right, it would be easy to confuse this with some kind of zombie/vampire/ghost movie based on the image. That’s a bit of the problem with a concept that is a little unusual, it’s hard to get it across clearly, and easy to either confuse or (unintentionally) mislead people.

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