First Speed Racer Poster

Speed racer Poster

First things first: this teaser poster for Speed Racer is apparently lenticular (isn’t that a fun word?) in it’s non electronic incarnation, which means that it’s one of those posters that changes as you move around it. So, it’s impossible to get an accurate idea of the poster’s full effect from this online image. And I haven’t seen the actual poster, so I can only offer a partial commentary.

Looking at this image fills me with nostalgic feelings. The helmet. The car. The logo. They just smell of childhood to me. The funny thing is, I never liked Speed racer that much. No, not even as a kid. I thought the idea was cool, but the actual episodes were sort of boring. And still, I really want to see the film. I wonder if people who grew up with Speed like me will have the same feeling.

But more interestingly, I wonder how people who don’t know Speed racer well will feel about the film. Will they dig the idea? Will they be convinced by the visuals? The very distinctive look we saw in the trailer is not in full effect in this poster, but it’s still a very colorful image. And I imagine that the lenticular effect will add to that, giving the whole image even more of a bubble gum feel.

I guess the idea here is to wow the kids with all the bright colors and with the idea of cool races and to draw the adults using nostalgia and maybe with the prospect of a unique experience. It’s working with me so far, but let’s face it, I’m easy.

(Via Slashfilm)


4 thoughts on “First Speed Racer Poster”

  1. Just so you know. The poster that you’re showing is NOT the 3-d version. If you look closely, the title is moved up on the regular poster because on the 3-d version, it’s on the car (lower) a bit to add depth. It stand in front of the car on the 3-d.

    Second, the 3-d version is slightly bluer.

    That’s it.

  2. The trailer right now will look nothing like the trailer in (Feb/March). So much rendering still going on and the movie isn’t really complete make many special effect driven teasers no more than just that. My only concern is that it doesn’t seem like the directors (W brothers) have seen Speed Racer ever. There is a ‘talking in circles’ that I didn’t see remotely in the trailer. That’s one of the silly charms of the show.

    We’ll see.

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