The Dark Knight Movie Poster – Why So Serious Edition

The Dark Knight Movie Poster - Why So Serious Edition

And here is the third Dark Knight poster released last week, this one a domestic poster that keeps the Why So Serious campaign going on.

I find this poster a lot less exciting then the one-two punch of the international posters. Not because it’s a bad poster, it isn’t. In fact it fits very well with the whole Why So Serious part of the marketing campaign and sends the clear message that the Chris Nolan Joker is one deranged and scary clown. And it’s not as annoyingly teasy as the last domestic poster.

But the thing is, as great as the poster is, it doesn’t really add anything that I wasn’t aware of before. I think I get the kind of character that the Joker is by now. The two international posters, on the other hand, highlighted some aspects of the movie that hadn’t been explored much by the campaign so far, and because of that they made me want to see the film more then I wanted before.

I still would love to have this poster on my wall tough.

(Via IMPAwards)


21 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Movie Poster – Why So Serious Edition”

  1. I have to say I’m surprised I haven’t seen you post about my favorite one to date: []. Though with the recent onslaught of posters, I supposed that’s to be expected.

  2. That’s actually a (very good) fan made poster Amanda. Which is probably for the best, because I’m not sure I could possibly come up with something else to say about it.

  3. Well, they’ll be pulling this one from theatres for sure. It’s just too creepy in light of what’s happened…

  4. They wont pull the movie. It’s too big to pull. It’ll be just like the Crow movie when Brandon Lee died. It really sucks to lose such a wonderful actor that puts so much into each role he does.

  5. There’s too much money involved both domestically and internationally to yank a movie of this caliber. Expect business as usual for Batman: The Dark Knight

  6. I think it odd that anyone would pull a movie that has an actor in it that died. I understand the reasoning that some may be morning Ledger, but seriously he was an actor, this was his craft and life. Why would you pull a project he was obviously iunterested in doing. Rather it should be a memorial to his death and shill as an actor.

  7. Ben… I totaly agree with you, we need to honor his awesome acting skills… I personally think they should leave him in and don’t replace him, we have the necessary technology to tinker with the scenes if there is need for more reshooting… God rest him

  8. its completely pointless pulling the movie. if anything, people are gonna wanna see it to acknowledge and celebrate his career as an actor. The film is far to big in itself to pull from any theatre and id expect Nolan to realise that as the director of the film. personally i think itd cause a bigger stir if they stopped it from being released especially when it comes to the die hard fans of Ledger.
    As for the poster, it is in my opinion artistically stunning, and fits the film down to a tee. it is possibly one of the best film posters ive ever seen, with brilliant composition and a tag line that actually makes you as the audience WANT to see the movie despite of the recent unfortunate events.

  9. It’s the BEST COMIC MOVIE EVER.GREAT CAST.ESPECIALLY the late HEATH LEDGER.He supossed to be the next Mel Gibson.even better.His dead leaves a hole in my mind.

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