The Forbidden Kingdom Poster

The Forbidden Kingdom Poster

This poster for The Forbidden Kingdom is very forgettable. Some generic ancient Chinese imagery, four guys we can’t recognize with their backs to us, and a text that, even if it was interesting, is way too small to be read.

This film has, supposedly, two things going for it: some amazing visuals and, by far most importantly, the meeting of martial arts legends Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Any poster that fails to strongly play up this meeting is probably not going to be a good poster for this film. A poster the fails to play up both this meeting an the visuals is a total failure.

Hopefully we will see better posters before the film’s release.

(Via Cinematical)

One thought on “The Forbidden Kingdom Poster”

  1. will any of these posters be for sale in the near future?the posters with jackie chan and jet li by themselves are the ones i like.

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