New Spiderwick Chronicles Posters

Spiderwick Chronicles Poster

This new Spiderwick Chronicles poster uses much of the image of the first poster, but adds some darker colors, a few little monsters and a beware sign. So, it basically turns what was a teaser poster that hinted at the possibility of magic and danger into a poster that shows us those things. It also does something else very important: it clearly places the movie as being for children.

Unlike The Golden Compass, I don’t think that Spiderwick wants to be a broad hit like Narnia or LotR which appeals to children, teenagers and adults. I’m sure that they would be happy if that was to happen, but they seem to be aiming for something much narrower: a movie that appeals to kids and that doesn’t scare the parents away. This is, after all, a Nickelodeon production.

With that goal in mind I think that the poster work just fine. The new elements, the beware sign, the monsters, are just the right amount of scary. Which is to say they aren’t scary enough to make the kids run away or to make the parents cautious about taking the little ones to the movie theater. I’m sure that at the same time they are likely to alienate older teens and childless adults, but like I said, I don’t think the marketing is really trying to get that crowd anyway.

The other new poster is below, and it showcases one of the creatures. It’s not bad, but it also doesn’t add much.

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Spiderwick Chronicles Poster


International Jumper Poster

Jumper International Poster (Big)

I really liked the previous Jumper poster because it made me realize, for the first time, how cool the concept behind the movie (a guy that can teleport himself) could be. Considering how unusual the premise is that was a tricky thing to accomplish.

This new international poster, on the other hand, doesn’t even try to sell the premise. Instead, it settles for trying to make the movie’s lead (Hayden Christensen) look cool. In fact this poster reminds me a lot of the posters for the Matrix trilogy, especially the ones for Reloaded. I loved those posters, but they were better than this one for several reasons:

  • They were much more successful at the “looking cool” thing.
  • In the case of Reloaded we already knew the characters, and were pumped to see them again.
  • The unique visual style of the Matrix movies was always one of their strongest selling points, and the posters used that effectively. Jumper doesn’t seem to have it’s own unique visual style, and the poster ends up looking like a cheap knock-off in comparison.

I hope they keep using the previous poster to promote the film. Much, much stronger.

And as an aside, doesn’t Christensen look a lot like Justin Timberlake in that image?

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Matrix Reloaded Poster

Row Three

If you’ve been reading this site long enough you may have noticed the comments of Andrew James and John Allison, and you might even have noticed me linking to their sites (MoviePatron and FilmGrotto) from time to time. Well, Andrew and John recently got together with three other bloggers (Marina Antunes,Jonathan Burdick and Kurt Halfyard) and launched a new film site called RowThree.

The site is well worth a check. It’s looking great and the already has tons of great content. And if you visit the site be sure to check the comments. The co-bloggers generally comment on each other posts so you often get multiple interesting points of views on every issue.

The site does have a very serious lack of posters, but hey, no site is perfect.

The Posters for the Foreign Language Oscar Contenders

Remember when I said that I was going to do more posts showcasing posters from the films selected by their respective countries to compete for the foreign language Oscar? You don’t? That’s probably because it was such a long time ago.

To compensate for all the waiting here is a mega post with posters for almost all of the 63 selected films. I ended up including the posters that appeared in previous posts, in order to have a single post with all the posters. I think this will be more useful than having the posters scattered over several pages.

So, without further ado, here they are.

Argentina – XXY (IMDbOfficial Site)
XXY Poster (Big)

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Poster

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Poster
(click for a larger version)

The official Indiana Jones site has just released this poster for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which apparently gives us a a view of said crystal skull.

Is this a great poster? No. Is it as good as the classic posters for the previous films? I don’t think so. The poster is a bit messy and confusing, mostly because it overlays several images in a way that doesn’t allow us to get much from any of them. I wish they had put the focus squarely on Indy, like the previous posters used to do, using perhaps the Crystal Skull in a more muted background.

But this still feels like a true Indiana Jones poster, and my goodwill towards this series is so great that it makes me giddy everytime I look at it.

They will release several other posters before the movie opens next year, hopefully one of them will truly hit the mark.


I should have mentioned this before, but this poster features the artwork of the legendary Drew Struzan, which is a big part of why it feels like a true Indiana Jones poster. If you don’t know who Struzan is check out this site. You’ll definitely recognize much of his movie related work.

Alan over at Burbanked compares the way Indy’s face appears in the posters for previous films with the way it appears in the new one and notes a few differences. Those differences bug him, and they bug me too. I think that Alan is right that this is not a problem just of this poster, but of the movie in general: it’s hard not to think of all the stuff the previous movies did right. The comparisons aren’t always fair, but they are unavoidable.

The Happening Poster

The Happening Poster

I think that the most telling aspect of this poster is the text: “We’ve sensed, We’ve seen the signs, Now… It’s Happening.” In case you didn’t get it (I didn’t the first time) the text is a not too veiled reference to Sixth Sense and Signs, the two most commercially successful movies from director M. Night Shyamalan. The message is rather obvious: forget about all the fantasy stuff in Lady in the Water, forget the crappy ending for The Village, Shyamalan is back to his old self.

To underscore that the poster has a very similar design to this one for Signs.

Signs Poster

Instead of crop circles pointing to a house we have abandoned cars and a road leading to some sort of city. And instead of the burning red we have ominous clouds. But still very similar, and both exude a “bad things are going on” feel.

I don’t think this is a great poster. The imagery is not as strong or clear as the one for the Signs poster, for one thing. But it’s far from being a bad poster, and I think it’s a good first step in regaining the public’s trust in Shyamalan’s work. Of course, the movie itself s going to have to do some very heavy lifting on this point.

Just as an aside, notice the tagline on the Signs poster?

It’s Happening

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Virgin Territory Poster

Virgin Territory Poster

This poster for Virgin Territory seems to clearly place the movie as a teenage sex comedy. We have the two young looking stars who are not wearing any visible clothes and who are peeking from behind what appear to be sheets. We have the underwear being whimsically waved around. We have all the legs up in the air. Oh yeah, and the title.

But in case all those things didn’t quite get the point across, the movie’s international title should clear things up.

International Virgin Territory Poster

Yes, Medieval Pie. Get it? It’s not really American, but it’s close.

That said, there some elements in the poster that don’t quite fit with what we might expect from the typical teen comedy. First, there is the sword and the outdated hairdos. But we could chalk that up to this being “American Pie …. in the past!” Harder to explain are the two bodies in the corner and all the red light in the background. Those things seem like to point to a humor that is a little different, and in some ways a little more risky.

The plot of the movie, as provided by IMDb, is the following: “Young Florentines regale one another in the Italian countryside while the black plague decimates their city.” That kind of plot does indeed seem to point towards a different type of comedy, maybe one with some kind of social message even. And now I’m thinking whether the poster sells the teenage sex comedy aspect so hard because that is what this is or just because that was the easiest element to sell.

It’s a good poster in the sense that it reminds us of something that has already been successful (the pie movies) but adds a little extra spice to make it different enough to grab the attention. But I’m very curious to see what the actual film is like.

(Via IMPAwards and Worst Previews)