Hancock Poster

Hancock Poster

I’m really not getting the appeal of Hancock. It’s sort of a super-hero movie parody in a time when super-hero movies are still well liked and which features a apparently not very likable main character. And as far as I can tell from the trailer, the movie doesn’t seem very funny. But, Will Smith has such a great track record of picking projects that appeal to a large audience that I’m willing to consider that either the movie will be much better than the trailer, or the problem is really me and everybody else will adore the film.

But I’m pretty sure this poster is no good. The reflection of the city in the sunglasses is very reminiscent of the kind of imagery we saw in the posters for the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, and because of that it reminds us of super-hero movies. But that is too small and subtle and the rest of the poster doesn’t really make that super-hero connection clear enough.

Beyond the reflection we have a guy who is either getting ready to do some skiing (unlikely, considering he is in a city) or is some kind of bum, which I guess is kind of true. It’s sort of a catchy image (why is Will Smith dressed like that?) but it does a very poor job of getting the movie’s humor across. And it also doesn’t really give us a good feel for who the character is.

Maybe the idea was that just splashing Smith’s image as the character is enough to draw the crowds. And maybe it is. But that doesn’t mean that the poster’s designers shouldn’t try to do more.

(Via IMPAwards)

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