New Funny Games Poster

Funny Games Poster

I really loved the first Funny Games poster, in large part because I found it upsetting in a way that movie posters rarely are. Unfortunately, this new poster doesn’t come close to matching that reaction.

It reminds me a little of the SAW posters, due to the white background and to the bloody image in the foreground. And much like the SAW posters I think there is a certain humor and irony to the poster that allows me to feel more detached towards the horrors it hints at. Looking at it is a much less visceral experience because of that.

But none of this should be taken to mean that I find this to be a bad poster. As a matter of fact, I quite like it. It is a strong, clear image. The golf club, the gloves and even all the whiteness match well with the visual elements we saw in the trailer, and even the humor and irony I pointed to above also show up in the trailer and, I imagine, in the movie.

Still, I just don’t think it conveys emotionally what the movie will be like as well as the previous poster did.

(From FirstShowing, Via RowThree)


One thought on “New Funny Games Poster”

  1. Can’t say that I like this poster. I think it’s predicated too much on the viewer having seen the trailer; otherwise, I think it makes little sense.

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