Drillbit Taylor Poster

Drillbit Taylor Poster

I tend to think that Owen Wilson’s humor works best when he is interacting with someone. His is most famous for his partnerships with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, but even in a film in which he was the main star, like You, Me and Dupree, he generally has plenty of other characters to interact with and who play straight man. In this sense his comedy is different from the comedy of guys like Jack Black, who can create a whirlwind of funny all by themselves and whose movie’s generally don’t rely so much on their interactions with anybody else.
I tend to prefer Wilson’s comedy style most of the time, but that is irrelevant. Each style has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to remember them not only when you are making the film, but also when you are selling it. And I think this poster fails to do that.

Wilson alone in the poster, using the army like clothes, playing tough and just generally incorporating the budget bodyguard persona is funny, but not that much. And it’s not the normal Owen Wilson type of funny. The result is a poster that is not particularly appealing or memorable.

I wonder if the movie will commit some of the same mistakes.


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