International 10,000 BC Posters

International 10,000 BC Poster 2

These new posters for 10,000 BC follow the basic formula of showing primitive men’s struggle against giant animals that we saw in the previous posters, but they do a much worse job of turning these struggles into iconic images. Outside from the poster which showcases predominantly the guy that I imagine is our fearless hero, each poster is mostly filled with the the attacking animal, with the guy being attacked relegated to the corners. They are kind of like character posters for the monsters.

So, not as good as the previous efforts. I think that the most interesting poster of the bunch is the one above, which showcases a threat we hadn’t seen in the posters before: the prehistoric carnivore chicken. I’m scared.

(From WorstPreviews, Via RowThree)

International 10,000 BC Poster 1
International 10,000 BC Poster 3
International 10,000 BC Poster 4


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