Official 80th Oscars Poster

Official 80th Oscars Poster

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released the official poster for this year’s Oscars, which will be the 80th in the award show’s history. The design was apparently originally conceived by the amazing Drew Struzan (you remember Drew Struzan, right?), but that design was actually turned into the final product we see now by Drew’s son, Christian Struzan, with the help of his creative team at XL Laboratories, Inc.

It’s a nice story, but the poster itself is unexceptional. The Oscar statuette and a bunch of bright lights representing, I guess, the glitz and glamor associated with the ceremony. The truth is that the Oscars have a very clear and strong brand, so they were quite constrained in terms of what they could do. And I think this is a lovely poster for that brand. But it’s not original or impressive in any shape or form.

(Via ComingSoon)

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