What Were the Best Movie Posters From 2007?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

The Savages Poster

Posterwire, for example, didn’t really like this year’s selection, but ended up settling on this poster for The Savages as the best of the year. In his (her?) words:

What we do like about the Chris Ware movie poster illustration for The Savages is that it is different than most key art campaigns (mainstream, indie, or otherwise) — it evokes a real feeling and direction about the characters. The trademark Chris Ware style of detached “coldness” is (literally) on display in The Savages one-sheet.

I agree with most of this, even tough I don’t think that this is the best poster of the year. In my initial reaction to the poster I was worried that the use of an illustration would be needlessly confusing, but on hindsight this seems like a silly concern when applied to this particular combination of poster and movie. And the illustration does have an emotional resonance that tends to build with multiple sightings.

Many people thought that the poster for The Savages was among the best of the year. Including Eric Lavallee over at Ioncinema, who put it in his top 10 posters of 2007 list. Topping that list are the Grindhouse posters, which Eric collected in one entry so that they wouldn’t occupy most of the positions on the list.

Grindhouse Poster

The Grindhouse posters were as close to an unanimity as you could get, appearing is almost all best posters lists. They also topped, for example Neil Miller’s list over at FilmSchoolRejects. That list also showcases this poster for 300, at second place:

300 Poster

I was surprised that the posters for 300 didn’t make more lists. Peter Sciretta over at Slashfilm compiled a list of his favorite 20 movie posters and still couldn’t find a spot for 300. But he did manage to find a spot for another favorite of many people, the teaser for 3:10 to Yuma.

3:10 to Yuma Poster

That teaser also makes, among many others, Alex Billington’s top 10, in a very respectable number two. However that list is topped by this poster fro Transformers:

Transformers Poster

And I just can’t get behind that. I know that many fans gushed over it when it first came out, but I still don’t love this poster. And I have in fact started to dislike it a bit.

IMPAwards still hasn’t anounced the winners for their annual poster awards, but they have already released the nominees in several categories, including Best Movie Poster, Worst Movie Poster, Creepiest Poster and Funniest Poster. The 5 nominees for best poster include posters for Grindhouse, Premonition, Sweeney Todd, Zodic and this psoter for Black Snake Moan:

Black Snake Moan Poster

Which is also appears in a lot of other lists.

Finally, sometimes commenter KamikazeKamel also has his list of favorite (and least favorite) posters, which include many consensus choices but which highlights in first place the posters for American Gangster:

American Gangster Poster 1American Gangster Poster 2

Those posters got quite a bit of attention when they were first released, but most people seem to have forgotten them by now.

I won’t be doing a best list myself this year. Instead, over the next couple of weeks I will post several retrospectives focusing on the most remarkable 2007 posters in different movie genres. Stay tuned.


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