New The Midnight Meat Train Poster

The Midnight Meat Train Poster
(click for a very large version)

I really liked the very creepy first poster for Midnight Meat Train, but I guess they thought that having a bunch of bloody hooks in a subway train was too gory. Or perhaps too literal an interpretation of the title (although I must remind people that no actual meat was shown). So now we have a much more subtle poster in which we can only see a blurry figure in the other train, ominously holding a very large hammer.

It is still a creepy image, and it hits the same “danger in the subway” theme that the first poster hit. I like that theme. I think people can relate to it. And it gets to me. But this image is much less visceral than the previous one, which I thought had just the right level of gore to get me upset. Not enough to make it look silly, certainly less than what we have seen in the posters for the Hostel and SAW series. But enough to get us to imagine the terrors that happened in that train.

The second poster is still a lot better than the trailer, which was very disappointing. I hope the film is more like the posters than the trailer, although that seems like a vain hope.


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