Since We Are Talking About Horror …

Ok, so here are a couple of horror movie posters that I’m not too fond of.

Prom Night Poster

First, the poster for the remake of Prom Night, which goes for the classic “girl in distress close-up.” Now, you can do some interesting posters with that basic concept, but this is not one of them. For starters, by cutting off most of the face and leaving us with just the mouth and nose visible this becomes a generic girl face unattached to any larger context. It’s hard to feel too bad for a generic girl face.

The cold blue and black colors also take away from the intensity of the image. This might be a fine color scheme in something more subtle, that hinted at coming horrors, but not here. The second poster for The Eye is somewhat like that, and although I wasn’t a big fan of the black and blue color scheme in that case it was still a better match than it is here.

And finally, the only reference to a prom we have is the tiara. I understand the fascination that some people might have with seeing the prom queen get slashed, but it shouldn’t have been too hard to come with some more subtle and at the same time more upsetting imagery that gets across the idea of a bloody prom more effectively.

Possession Poster

The second poster is for Possession. The basic story of the movie revolves around a man and his brother falling into comas after a car accident. Eventually one of the men wakes up, but he claims to actually be his brother who is still in a coma. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the wife of the man still in a coma.

The designers managed to represent the idea of a different soul/mind inhabiting a certain body by showing a man standing up and projecting two shadows. It’s a clever little image and if the poster had focused on it perhaps it would have resulted in an effective one-sheet. But no, they had to have the big floating semi-transparent head of Sarah Michelle Gellar in it too. Add to that the odd gray coloring of the background and suddenly you have a cheap and generic looking poster.

Just as a curiosity, Possession is based on a South Korean movie called Addicted. Below you can see the poster for that movie.

Addicted Poster

(Via IMPAwards and WorstPreviews)

One thought on “Since We Are Talking About Horror …”

  1. Awww, they just had to ruin the Possession poster with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s face. I would have really like it otherwise. Still, I like the poster more than the original movie’s poster.

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