My Blueberry Nights Poster

My Blueberry Nights Poster

I ended up never writing about the first My Blueberry Nights poster. I can’t quite remember why. I certainly meant too.

Anyway, the film, which was first shown last years at Cannes, is finally going to open on the U.K. in February, and that means we get a nice Quad poster for it. It maintains essentially the same style of the previous poster, which you can see below, but it makes good use of its different proportions in order to showcase all the main actors in the stellar cast.

My Blueberry Nights Poster

I like seeing all the actors up there, and I like that it makes clear that this is a big ensemble piece. But I also miss the kiss, and the connection between these characters that it represents. The previous poster was, because of that interaction, more romantic, and more luscious.

So each poster has it’s strengths. The good thing is, you don’t have to choose one. Both posters can coexist, and in this case I think they complement each other.

And the elements that they both share, such as the neon lights, are good. They give the images an unreal, almost dream like look which is very recognizable, and consistent with what we see in the trailer.

(Via Empire)


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