International Get Smart Posters

International Get Smart Poster 1

This happens every one in a while. A poster comes out for a film and I don’t like it, so I do a post criticizing the poster, often harshly. Then another poster for the movie comes out that is so awful, I’m forced to go back on my word and say that the first poster wasn’t so bad after all. So, although I believe that the first poster for Get Smart had some pretty obvious flaws, I still have to admit that it is miles better than these new international posters.

There is much to hate about these new posters. The weird light blue background for one. The fake metallic, fake 3d letters for another. But the biggest offender has to be the awful photoshop job they did with Steve Carell’s head. It look tiny compared to the rest of him, and even if you overlook that it still seems like it was pasted into a body it didn’t belong to. Which is likely true, and happens a lot in posters, but it’s not supposed to look this obvious.

And they didn’t even get Carell’s expression right. Steve has a very distinctive “trying very hard to look serious” face which is actually impossible to take seriously. It’s a trademark, and it’s constantly hilarious. And this is not it. This is just some bizarre actually serious, not funny at all face.

And the body, oh how strange the body position looks.

The Hathaway poster is a little better, but she still looks odd floating around in the blue tube, holding her gun, with her hair flowing to the left because apparently the tube is windy. This is also the same picture of Anne they used in the previous poster, but that is a very minor problem, all things considered.

Just very, very bad.

(Via IMPAwards)

</cInternational Get Smart Poster 2


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