New Hellboy II Character Poster – Johann Krauss

New Hellboy II Character Poster - Johann Krauss

The first three character posters for Hellboy II were all about getting reacquainted with old friends. They didn’t show us anything different from what we had seen in the first Hellboy, but they were a nice way of reminding people that those characters are coming back to the big screen.

This new poster, on the other hand, starts a new phase in the poster campaign. It introduces a new character called Johann Krauss, which is described by Empire thus:

Krauss, an ally of big red, is entirely composed of psychic ectoplasmic spirit, but maintains some kind of form by remaining trapped in a suit.

Intriguing. And the character design seem to be pretty cool.

Now, this is obviously not a poster meant to broaden the audience for the film. The poster is not likely to make much sense or be very interesting to people who aren’t already following the news about Hellboy II. But the poster is a form of maintaining the excitement among people who are already interested in the movie, and perhaps a way to show them that there will be indeed incredible new things in the film that will make it worth seeing.

4 thoughts on “New Hellboy II Character Poster – Johann Krauss”

  1. Hell yes. I like this poster a lot. I’m not even particualrly a fan of the Hellboy franchise. But I like the aura of mystery this poster has to it. It really makes me wanna find out who or what this character is… if it’s a character at all.

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