First Quantum of Solace Poster

Quantum of Solace Poster

Let’s start from the premise that Casino Royale was a great movie. Now, not everybody will agree with that, as the world is filled with people with different opinions on every single thing. But this seems to be the opinion held by the majority of the people that could ever actually be interested in a Bond pic.

Starting from that premise, what do we look for in any marketing material for the follow up, Quantum of Solace? We look for signs that the next film will keep the new tone we saw in Casino Royale. We look for indications that it will continue the storyline that was left somewhat unresolved. And we look for signs that Craig will still kick ass as Bond. Basically we look for things that assure us that Quantum of Solace is going to give us exactly the same kind of experience we had with the previous movie.

And, if it as all possible, we look for something that explains to us what the hell they mean with that title.

So, does this teaser poster give us what we are looking for? Yep. We have the shadow of Bond holding not only a gun, but the same gun he was holding at the end of Royale (I think), showing us that this will continue from were the last one ended. And although this is only a shadow, it’s a shadow filled with the swagger, confidence and general kick-assery we expect from this new Bond.

And why all the concrete? Well, look at it. The concrete is hard, but it is also all cracked and stuff. This reminds us of how more hard hitting the new films are, and of the new found ruggedness of the character. This is not your mother’s Bond, all smooth. This is the new Bond, tough, but full of unappealing and apparent cracks.

And although the poster doesn’t explain the title it does the next best thing: it doesn’t show it at all.

Now, you could say that I have let my adoration of Casino Royale cloud my judgment. You could say that I’m so looking forward to the next movie that I would find things to love independent of what the poster looked like. You could say I’m just reading into this poster things that I want to be there, instead of looking at the things that really are there. You could say all that and more.

(Via ComingSoon)


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