Book of Blood Poster

Book of Blood Poster

ShockTillYouDrop has a look at the poster for Book of Blood made for the Berlin film festival. I like the idea of it. The Books of Blood were a series of books written by Clive Baker composed of several horror short stories. The very first story in the first book is about a man that pretends to be a paranormal. He ends up having an encounter with real ghosts and these ghosts carve in his flesh several stories, which are supposedly reproduced in the rest of the books.

The Book of Blood movie will apparently center on that first story, with the hopes of turning this into a series of movies that will eventually deal with the other stories in the books. The movie Midnight Meat Train, whose posters I have commented on before, was based on a short story of the same name that appeared in the first volume of the books.

But enough with the back story, let’s go back to the poster. Like I said, I think it is a good idea. It’s also a very obvious idea given the contents of the film, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The image is connected to the film’s actual story, but even if you didn’t know that it still makes sense just based on the title. It’s a memorable image, and one that could properly transmit the gore and horror that we will supposedly find in the movie.

But I don’t particularly like the way the idea was executed here. The carvings and the spilled blood looks fake. Cheesyly so even. The whole image strikes me as too well lit. They almost don’t use shadows and darkness, which I think could have added to the tone of the whole thing. And the guy looks surprisingly calm for a dude who has almost every inch of his skin filled with carvings.

The movie is still far from being released. I hope they come with a better version of this for the theatrical release.

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