The People Vs. George Lucas Poster

The People Vs. George Lucas Poster

I’m not sure whether The People Vs. George Lucas, a documentary which will supposedly allow Star War fans to speak their minds, will be a good film. It might be an interesting look at the relationship of the fans with Lucas and with the world he helped to create. It might be a boring whine fest. Or it might be something in between. But I do know that they already have a great (very) early teaser poster.

Now, it’s true that if your topic happens to be Star Wars there is an abundance of strong iconic images to choose from, which makes the job of creating an interesting poster easier. But I think we still should still give them props for using the assets they had well.

And what I like about the poster is that it doesn’t just create some random memorable and funny image that has something to do with Star Wars. It creates a memorable and funny image that has something to do with Star Wars AND that complements well the title and sets the courtroom theme more thoroughly. This makes the movie seem exciting, reminding us of the trials we are used to see on TV (real trials are a lot less exciting, of course) but the image also sends signals that there well be a healthy dose of sense of humor involved in the whole thing.

As a matter of fact I think the poster is so successful in making the film seem exciting that I might be more interested in it if I had just seen the poster without knowing anything else about the movie.


For those interested, the official site is here, and they have guidelines for making and submitting your own interviews talking about Star Wars and Lucas.

(Via JoBlo)

3 thoughts on “The People Vs. George Lucas Poster”

  1. It sounds like a good idea to me. Star Wars is huge and a lot of people have a lot of different opinions of it. I’m sure we’ll hear Jar Jar’s name come up several times.

  2. What an awesome poster. A homerun in terms on concept and execution. I know nothing about the movie, but I’m guessing the people blast him for two hours; considering that, I’m surprised they’re able to use that image (character). Kudos to Lucas for allowing it.

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