Sundance 2008: World Dramatic Competition Posters

Sundance has come and gone. Some of the movies that participated in the festival will soon be coming to a theater near you. Most won’t. But we will always have the posters.

In that spirit here are the posters for the films that participated in the World Dramatic Competition.

Absurdistan Poster

Párpados Azules Poster
Párpados Azules Poster

Captain Abu Raed Poster

THE DRUMMER (JIN. GWU) (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany)
The Drummer Poster

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Bangkok Dangerous Poster

Bangkok Dangerous Poster

Here we have the poster for Bangkok Dangerous in which we see Nicolas Cage giant head towering over what one imagines is Bangkok. Our man Nic looks distraught, he obviously is carrying a lot on his shoulders and that is taking its toll.

Now, let’s go back a few months.

Next Poster

Here we have Nicolas Cage giant head towering over a city that seems to be in the process of being consumed by flames. In this one our man Nic is fully focused. The look in his eyes is so fierce that there is actually blue light coming out of them. He’s obviously trying to find a way to save the people of the city and nothing will stop him.

Now let’s go a couple more months back.

Ghost Rider Poster

Here we have Nicolas Cage giant head towering over some generic looking city. It’s also towering over some dude whose head has caught on fire. And over a cool bike. Nic looks mildly enraged. Obviously someone has crossed him and he is ready to kick some butt.

Ok, now let’s do something different. Let’s go a forward a few months.

National Treasure Poster (Big)

Here we have Nicolas Cage not so giant head towering over, well, nothing really. This time the head is also connected to a full body, which is unusual. Nicolas Cage looks a little bemused. Obviously he is faced with some inscrutable puzzle and is now working very hard to figure it out.

A little more than one year. Four movies. Four posters. Four different hairstyles. Let it never be said that Nic Cage lacks range.

But honestly? I wouldn’t mind spending some time without having to stare at Nic’s mug in a new poster.

(Bangkok Dangerous Poster From IMPAwards)

Book of Blood Poster

Book of Blood Poster

ShockTillYouDrop has a look at the poster for Book of Blood made for the Berlin film festival. I like the idea of it. The Books of Blood were a series of books written by Clive Baker composed of several horror short stories. The very first story in the first book is about a man that pretends to be a paranormal. He ends up having an encounter with real ghosts and these ghosts carve in his flesh several stories, which are supposedly reproduced in the rest of the books.

The Book of Blood movie will apparently center on that first story, with the hopes of turning this into a series of movies that will eventually deal with the other stories in the books. The movie Midnight Meat Train, whose posters I have commented on before, was based on a short story of the same name that appeared in the first volume of the books.

But enough with the back story, let’s go back to the poster. Like I said, I think it is a good idea. It’s also a very obvious idea given the contents of the film, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The image is connected to the film’s actual story, but even if you didn’t know that it still makes sense just based on the title. It’s a memorable image, and one that could properly transmit the gore and horror that we will supposedly find in the movie.

But I don’t particularly like the way the idea was executed here. The carvings and the spilled blood looks fake. Cheesyly so even. The whole image strikes me as too well lit. They almost don’t use shadows and darkness, which I think could have added to the tone of the whole thing. And the guy looks surprisingly calm for a dude who has almost every inch of his skin filled with carvings.

The movie is still far from being released. I hope they come with a better version of this for the theatrical release.

Arthur and the Vengeance of Maltazard

Arthur and the Vengeance of Maltazard Poster

I can’t say I was too interested in last year’s Arthur and the Minimoys, Luc Bessons’s foray into animation. Not that I dislike animation in general, but that one just seemed like an overly light, not very original exemplar of the genre. Add to that some very so-so reviews and I ended up staying far away.

But even I can appreciate this teaser poster for the follow-up, Arthur and the Vengeance of Maltazard. I imagine that the character portrayed is Maltazard, who seems, from the synopsis, like the main villain for the story. The poster is appropriately dark and ominous, considering it is a character poster for a bad guy.

I think this is a great poster for a second film in an ongoing series, especially one that seemed so light and upbeat in the first time around. It sets up the idea that in this second movie there will be new, dark things to face, possibly things much more dangerous than the ones faced in the first film. So, it both shows that the story will continue and that there some sort of evolution from the type of story we saw in the first movie, thus justifying the existence of this follow-up and giving reasons for seeing it. And it does all that by introducing a new and cool looking character.

I still probably won’t see this, but this poster managed to pick my interest more than anything I ever saw for the first movie.

(From AlloCine, Found Via Twitch)

OneChanbara and Jack Brooks


Zombies are awesome. Cowgirl in a bikini? Also awesome. Samurai swords? Even more awesome. So a poster for a movie that combines all those things has to be almost incomprehensibly awesome, right?


As you can see above, that poster turns out to be rather dull. That image would probably make for a fine cover photo for Maxim or some other magazine like that, but as a movie poster it fails utterly. Where is the action? Where is the excitement? Where is the attitude? Where is the fun? Where is the camp?

And where are the heck are the zombies?

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Poster

If what you are looking for is trashy fun, I think that this poster for Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer does a much better job of delivering it. Sure it features a ripped guy front and center, and opinions will vary on whether this is better or worse than a girl in a bikini. But aside from that the poster is just so much more entertaining. Our hero is lively and seems like he is on the middle of some fierce action and not like he is safely posing for a photo shoot. We get to see the fearsome monsters. We get an amusing tagline. And we get Robert Englund’s knowing face in a corner!

Even the title treatment is a lot more exciting.

Now, of course both these films are likely to have limited appeal (at least in the U.S., I dunno about Japan, maybe they love monster fighting ex-plumbers over there). But at least with the one for Jack Brooks you can see why someone might find this fun to watch. With the one from Onechanbara you are left explaining to your family and friend that no, you are not interested in this just because you have a fetish for Japanese woman. You are interested in it because you think it would be cool to see some zombie slaying. Well, and because of the fetish.

(Poster for OneChanbara from GameWatch, found via Twitch. Poster for Jack Brooks from IMPAwards)

John Alvin: 1948 – 2008

E. T.

Via IMPAwards we get the sad news that legendary artist John Alvin has died. The image above, which ended up becoming the poster for E.T., is probably his most iconic piece of work, but he left behind tons of great movie related art. You can check some of his posters here, and more of his original art here.

He and his creativity will be greatly missed. But his work will endure.

First Quantum of Solace Poster

Quantum of Solace Poster

Let’s start from the premise that Casino Royale was a great movie. Now, not everybody will agree with that, as the world is filled with people with different opinions on every single thing. But this seems to be the opinion held by the majority of the people that could ever actually be interested in a Bond pic.

Starting from that premise, what do we look for in any marketing material for the follow up, Quantum of Solace? We look for signs that the next film will keep the new tone we saw in Casino Royale. We look for indications that it will continue the storyline that was left somewhat unresolved. And we look for signs that Craig will still kick ass as Bond. Basically we look for things that assure us that Quantum of Solace is going to give us exactly the same kind of experience we had with the previous movie.

And, if it as all possible, we look for something that explains to us what the hell they mean with that title.

So, does this teaser poster give us what we are looking for? Yep. We have the shadow of Bond holding not only a gun, but the same gun he was holding at the end of Royale (I think), showing us that this will continue from were the last one ended. And although this is only a shadow, it’s a shadow filled with the swagger, confidence and general kick-assery we expect from this new Bond.

And why all the concrete? Well, look at it. The concrete is hard, but it is also all cracked and stuff. This reminds us of how more hard hitting the new films are, and of the new found ruggedness of the character. This is not your mother’s Bond, all smooth. This is the new Bond, tough, but full of unappealing and apparent cracks.

And although the poster doesn’t explain the title it does the next best thing: it doesn’t show it at all.

Now, you could say that I have let my adoration of Casino Royale cloud my judgment. You could say that I’m so looking forward to the next movie that I would find things to love independent of what the poster looked like. You could say I’m just reading into this poster things that I want to be there, instead of looking at the things that really are there. You could say all that and more.

(Via ComingSoon)